How to check if an email is hosted with an Office 365 account

Once a domain is added and verified into Office 365 there is a default domain appended to every tenant. You can view your tenant setup by going to Setup and Domains within the admin portal. Typically, when you do the registration most admins will configure the tenant with the company name. For example, in domains, you may see “

Using, search for your domains first, then we will search for the default domain but adding the company name in front.

This will show us that mail are all using Office 365 mail servers on Microsoft.

Configure Static IP Address in CentOS

After installing CentOS you will wan’t to configure IP address. CentOS is mostly used as Server. So you will want to give it a static IP address. By default CentOS interface is configured to receive IP from DHCP server. Here I will show you how to configure static IP address in CentOS system.