Doom II Cheats

IDDQD – God Mode
IDKFA – All Ammo + Keys
IDFA – All Ammo No Keys:
IDCLEV## – Level Select (Replace ## with number of level)
IDBEHOLD# – Power Up (Example: IDBEHOLDS gives you Berserk)
IDCLIP – No-Clip: (You can pass through walls)

How to play Laz Rojas’ WolfenDoom with GZDoom port

As these wads where hard enough to get going on older Windows XP & 7, now with Windows 10 its harder. With the addition of updated or new Doom Source ports I wanted to get these wads play nice on Windows 10! This turned a little harder than expected, but I figured it out.

Credits and Thanks to “NightFright” for making this happen! You can find his topic on the ZDoom forum.

Steps to make WolfenDoom work with latest (2019) GZDoom v4.1.2 on Windows 10 64x bit:

  1. Download your GZDoom from the official site and extract to a location of your likes (i.e. “c:\gzdoom”)
  2. Download the full-pack of Laz Rojas’ wads from the post of NightFright at ZDoom forum and extract to a location you want (i.e. “c:\WolfenDoom”)
  3. Next, it’s quite simple as you only need to drag-n-drop the WolfenDoom .PK3 files on to the GZDoom executable you have extracted in point 1 (i.e. open the folder with the WolfenDoom files and drop it over the GZDoom executable (“c:\gzdoom\gzdoom.exe”) or shortcut “GZDoom.lnk”) you have on the Desktop
  4. Doom on!

For convenience and for those not finding or not able to download the files above, I have them saved here too (tested & playable on Windows 10 x64 bit):

GZDoom v4.1.2
Laz Rojas’ WolfenDoom pack

Note: I found that the most easy way to load many types of wads for Wolf3D is using a “launcher” like ZDL3 which you can find here. Once you get it working, the interface has enough configurations to allow easy opening and running wads.