To create a new HTTP Virtual Host in Oracle Application Server:

Adding a new port number for the HTTP VH to listen to:

  1. login to the Oracle Enterprise Manager (i.e. 1810)
  2. select the application server instance (under Standalone Instances)
  3. under Ports tab, look for Oracle HTTP Server listening to ports 7777-7877
    (these are defaults and may also include 80) and click the configure icon
  4. under Listening Addresses and Ports click button ‘Add another row’
  5. in the new row, add the ip-address of the server and the new port number
    you want the virtual host to listen to and Apply the settings

Adding the new HTTP Virtual Host:

  1. under the application server, select HTTP_Server
  2. click the Virtual Hosts tab
  3. select an existing HTTPs or create a new one
  4. click Create Like if selected an existing
    Server Name: can be the same
    Document Root: /the/full/path/to/the/dir/you/want/to/host
    Directory Index: index.php (or whatever the index page is)
    Listen on a specific IP address: app.server.ip.address
    Listen to specific port: select the newly created port from list
    Protocol: http (if no need for secure)
    Logging: remove unless needed
  5. click Create to create the new virtual host


-During the creation of the virtual host you must choose to use ip-address entry
-If your physical path to a dir was i.e. : /home/oracle/mydir/otherdir
then running: port  -will point to that destination