Adding a router to the broadband modem may be just a matter of adding the Ethernet link to one of the modem ports and you’re done. What if you want to connect your router to the modem via WiFi AND have a secure, private local LAN as well ?

Prerequisites: The settings are specifically for the TP-Link Router TL-WR841N (or similar models). You will need to know the name of the WiFi modem and the WPA(2) password to connect the router to it.

  1. connect to the router via Ethernet from a local PC
  2. access the router via its default IP
  3. Operation mode: must be set to WISP
  4. Network: WLAN: must be set to Dynamic IP
  5. Network: LAN: here you set the gateway IP of local LAN
  6. Wireless: Basic: Client Setting: enter the SSID of the broadband WiFi and WiFi password
  7. Wireless: Basic: AP Setting: enter the details for the local WiFi network
  8. Wireless: WPS: set the WiFi password for the local network
  9. Wireless: Security: set this to WPA/WPA2 and enter any details if needed
  10. DHCP: this should be where you set the IP range of the local LAN
  11. That is is basically. After you reset and re-connect to the new routers WiFi you are in your local private LAN

NOTE: Do remember to set a new password to the routers main access page to avoid any easy access to it