To re-create the lost Show Desktop shortcut on previous versions of Windows and now set to the far right of the screen, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a text file and enter the following:
  2. Save this file on disk as “Show.scf” i.e. “C:\”
  3. Take an existing shortcut from desktop i.e. Firefox and r-click > Pin to Taskbar
  4. Chage the properties of the new shortcut just created on taskbar
    1. Under Shortcut Tab
      [text]Target: C:\Show.scf
      Start in: C:\
      Change icon: %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll (select any)[/text]
    2. Under General Tab
      [text]Name the shortcut anything, but NOT “Show Desktop” (plain “Show” is fine)
      as this seems to conflict with the default shortcut (on far-right)[/text]

Your Show Desktop shortcut should be ready now. If things don’t show properly i.e. tooltip, icon, etc., try restarting or check user security/rights to make it work.