Case: You need a new field on a table in the DB and need to use it on a jspx page in ADF 10g.

After you have added the column in the relevant table in the DB, turn to the ADF application and find the relevant view you need to add the new field.

  1. Double-click on the view object in your project (View Object Editor pops-up)
  2. Select Attributes on the left pane
  3. Click New to add the new field
  4. New View Object Attributes
    • Attribute:
    • Name: a java name that’ll be used by java classes
    • Type: set the type of this field to be used in java
    • Maped to column or SQL: selected
    • Queryable: selected
    • Updatable: select “Always”
    • Query column:
    • Alias: type the name to be used by ADF Model
    • Type: set the type as set in the DB
    • Expression: type the column name as set in the DB or a relevant SQL expression for the column
  5. From the selected attributes on the View Object Editor you should now see the new attribute you just created and be set as “calculated”
  6. Rebuild the Model project and you should then have the new field available in the relevant DataControl object.