When you move or copy a WebLogic 11g environment setup as a VM from one host PC to another, you will encounter various IP connection problems (may also be needed if you have problems debugging forms). To help make a quick fix to this problem, try this:

1. Make sure you have the following files set with your machine’s new IP:

[bash]edit C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\<domain_name>\servers\WLS_FORMS\


//replace ip.address for every occurrence found (~ 7)[/bash]

2. Restart the machine/server

3. Start the Node Manager
Tip: tail the log file to see whether the ip-address is the correct one being used

4. Start the em “http://localhost:7001/em” to further configure the server to start forms and reports services.

5. Start the Administration Console (Weblogic Domain > select your domain > from Weblogic Domain menu select “Weblogic Administration Console” or enter the url:

6. from the Change Center click on “Lock & Edit”

7. from the Domain Structure pane > Environment > Servers > click on Control tab

8. select WLS_FORMS and WLS_REPORTS > click Start to start the services

9. make sure after you start Forms Builder that “Application Server URL” in Runtime tab of Preferences is set to what your new ip-address is (i.e.