How would the typical Windows Explorer compare to alternative file manager Total Commander:

 Total Commander  Windows Explorer

  1.  Two pane window view
  2. Instant view of source and destination and no scrolling via a tree-view or loose any open path
  3. Full Keyboard and/or mouse operation
  4. Other of the basic function keys shown at the bottom, there is a full array of key combinations that suit all operations that TC can do. You can even set custom combinations for specific commands including parameters! New folder would just be key F7.
  5. Internal Viewer (F4) for text, images or other types of files depending on added plugins.
  6. Internal FTP/SFTP or URL connection directly from within TC.
  7. Internal Zip/Unzip or Unrar archiving function (with password), other types can be added
  8. Read linux, vmdk and other types of partitions
  9. File/folder synchronization, by date or contents
  10. Directly execute command-line commands from within TC
  11. Run command prompt from within a directory
  12. Multi/single file path name copy to clipboard
  13. File content comparison
  14. Multiple file renaming
  15. Tool and menu bar customization
  16. Extended find with many options
  1.  Left tree, right window view
  2. Easy to miss a selection from tree-view or miss-place a file
  3. Limited keyboard + mouse operation
  4. Mostly Alt + some other key would dome some operations but not even close to what TC has to offer. The easiest way to create a folder via keyboard would be Alt, Alt + F, W, F. Limited customizations.
  5. No such function, use of Open With or third-party tool
  6. No such function, client setup or use of third-party tool
  7. Only zip/unzip support, use of third-party tool for other types
  8. No such support, use of third-party tool for other types
  9. No or limited functionality
  10. No such function
  11. No such function, need to tweak or third-party tool
  12. No such function (or copy/paste single path)
  13. No such function
  14. No such function
  15. No or limited functionality
  16. Limited typical find, third-party tool to match TC’s functionality
  17. limited, no possibilities….