install phpbb3 forum on OAS

To install forum on Oracle Application Server:

  1. need access to OAS server (http server)
  2. log-in to OAS manager (em) and add a ‘virtual host’ under HTTP-Server
    -set path (Document Root:  i.e. ‘/phpbb3’ )
    -set port (any available ports, i.e. ‘8888’ )
  3. start the installation of phpBB3 from web browser
    Note: domain path ‘ 8888’ would point to ‘phpbb3’ dir
  4. phpBB3 install (needs at least php v4.3.5)
    -DB Type = oracle/mySQL-DB Server = (ip of DB may need to exist in tnsnames.ora)
    -DB Server port = 8888 (port specified in virtual hosts on server)
    -DB name = the name of the database on DB-server
    -DB user/pass = user login to access the DB (the DB-user which was created)
    -Proceed with other install options for phbb3 (general)
  5. after phpBB3 is installed remove/rename install dir from server (phpbb3 requirement)



how to check if php is installed on linux

To check whether your linux-box has PHP installed or not:

  1. From the command-shell run: rpm -qa | grep -i php
  2. this should return something like this:

Or, you could run a test.php file within the htdocs dir in Apache:

<BODY><?php phpinfo() ;?></BODY>

You can also look for the installed php dir and run the ‘info.php’ file.