How to add a Data Source on Oracle 11G Weblogic with JDeveloper 11gR2

To add a Data Source from JDeveloper:

  1. View > Application Server Navigator
  2. Application Servers > IntegratedWebLogicServer
  3. R-click > Launch Administrative Console…
    -that should be i.e. like “”
  4. Login with user/password
  5. From Domain Structure open Services > select Data Sources
  6. New > Generic Data Source
  7. Specify the connection properties:
  • Name: MyConnectionDS (or whatever you defined in your Java app data source)
  • JNDI Name: comp/env/jdbc/MyConnectionDS or jdbc/PoliceConnectionDS
  • Database Type: Oracle
  • > Next
  • Database Driver: Oracle’s Driver (thin) for Instance Connections (versions 9.0.1 or later)
  • > Next
  • Supports Global Transactions
  • One-phase commit
  • > Next
  • Type in: Database Name, Host Name, Port, Database User Name, Password
  • > Next
  • Test Database Connection screen > click Test Your Configuration
  • if “Connection test succeeded.”, click Finish

Your new data source should be ready to use for local server run/debug.





How to remove the number next to JDeveloper caused by SVN

The reason you get some numbers next to file names of JDeveloper (or IPs on project names) is because subversioning is enable in your JDeveloper’s options.

To disable and continue to use your external subversioning system do as follows:

From within JDeveloper:
[text]Versioning > Configure…
Deselect “Versioning Support for Subversion…”[text]

Restart your JDeveloper and the revision numbering should go away.

Set default language for JDeveloper IDE

JDeveloper picks-up the default locale language from the OS.

To change this and force JDev to a specific language:

  1. Open JDEV_HOME/jdev/bin/jdev.conf
  2. Add the following lines for English:
    AddVMOption -Duser.language=en

This will show all warnings and message details in English.



how to move a JDeveloper folder correctly

To move a JDeveloper folder to a new location/machine:

  1. First find and edit the following files to the new path:
  2. Change all the paths referencing the old JDeveloper folder with the new path i.e.
    old path is: c:\jdev_10.1.3.4
    and new path is: c:\user\jdev10.1.3.4,
    so everything should change to: c:\user\jdev10.1.3.4