How to check the version of an Oracle Database with PL/SQL

Login to the database and execute the following:

[sql]select * from v$version;
select * from product_component_version;[/sql]


[text]Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production
PL/SQL Release – Production
CORE    Production
TNS for 64-bit Windows: Version – Production
NLSRTL Version – Production[/text]



How to install Oracle Forms and Reports 11g on windows 7 64bit

specs: Pentium Dual 2.2 64bit, 5 GB mem, Windows 7 64bit
reqs: Win7 x64, 1GB Memory, Administrator
time: Oracle Weblogic: 5 min, Fusion Middleware: 23 min setup, 16 min config

  1. Download Java JDK 6u25 x64 (jdk-6u25-windows-x64.exe)
  2. Download Weblogic Server (11g) from here
    Tip: look for “Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.2) – Package Installer” and select
    the x64 JVM installer package (about 1 GB)
  3. Download Fusion Middleware – Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer ( from here
    Tip: look for “Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer (” download link and select
    the x64 zip files (about 2.5 GB in chunks of ~500MB).
  4. Make sure you have at least
    • a 64bit CPU and Windows system
    • 1 GB of memory
    • 5 GB of free disk space for a typical install (more…)

how to deploy an app to a new oc4j-instance on OAS

To deploy a java/ADF app on an Oracle Application Server ( and handle the datasources from there:

After generating the ear and war files from within JDeveloper…

  1. Login to OAS
  2. Cluster Topology > OC4J-instance > Administration > JDBC Resources
  3. Firstly create the Connection Pools:
    • Connection Pools > Create (for “native” pool)
    • Application: Default
    • select “New Connection Pool“:
      • Name: jdev-connection-native-appname
      • Connection Factory Class: oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource
      • JDBC URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//
      • provide Username and Password
      • Test Connection
      • (more…)