how to purge deleted items in Portal

When you delete items from a Portal they are not automatically purged. To save/purge your deletions:

  1. Navigator > page group > Pages > find the page > click Edit link
  2. from Editing Views: Graphical |  Layout |  List
  3. Select the pages to delete or have been already from another Editing View
  4. Click on Purge Deleted Items (only for page admins)

how to edit pages in Oracle Portal

There are a few ways to edit a page in Portal:

  1. under ‘Build’ tab > Edit a Page > select page > click Edit
  2. Navigator > page group > select Pages > find the page > click Edit link
  3. under ‘Build’ tab > View Page > make runtime editing (limited functionality)

Also note that you have two types of editing a page:

  • Graphical = WYSIWYG
  • Layout = to change position or type of regions/objects
  • List = change and edit pages viewed in a hierarchy

how to change object types in Portal

If you have created a ‘Page Group’ or an ‘Instant Portal’ you can quickly change an object type, do this:

  1. select the ‘Page Group’ and click edit
  2. click the ‘Configure’ tab to make changes/additions to object types

You can also quickly make changes to acces privileges by clicking the ‘Access’ tab and then add/edit or remove users.

add ‘External Applications’ to Portal

After log-into Oracle Portal as Administrator:

  1. click Administer tab
  2. under ‘SSO Server Administration’ section, click ‘Administer External Applications’ link
  3. click ‘Add External Application’ link and fill-in the relevant information to create it

When this is done, the external application is ready to be used as a portlet add-in.


how to add portlet to Oracle Portal

After log-in to Oracle Portal:

  1. click on the link ‘Navigator’
  2. in the list of ‘page groups’ find the name-group you created and click on ‘edit page root’
    (this will allow you to edit the main page of the portal)
  3. clicking on the add portlet icon will let you select from the default/custom portlets available to add to the page area

Depending on the portlet, you may need to customise it at design time or at run-time (if user has privilages). An example of such portlet is ‘External Application’, which first needs to be added by a top-level administrator of the Portal
and then users can either add the portlet on pages (for page-designers) or activate it at run-time (end users).