how to setup windows PuTTY to load x-windows via xming

Once you have XMing installed on windows do as follows:

  1. Set xming shorcut target as:
    [text]”C:\Program Files (x86)\Xming\Xming.exe” :0 -clipboard -multiwindow
    [/text]:0 sets the x,y stating point of the displayed window
  2. Start xming (you should see a xming icon next to clock on desktop.
  3. Start PuTTY and configure as:
    • Select the session
    • On the left go to -> Connection -> SSH -> x11
    • Under x11 Forwarding:
      • Check “Enable X11 Forwarding”
      • X display location: localhost:0 //or whatever was set in step 1
    • Open the session
    • Enter username/password
  4. Execute a relevant x-window application i.e. gedit, firefox, etc.

credit: Novell Cool Solutions: Tip

useful vi commands…

Some of the most useful vi commands:

  • Insert (key) …edit mode
  • Esc (key) …exit edit mode
  • :wq or ZZ …save and exit vi (must not be in edit mode)
  • :q! …exit vi without saving (must not be in edit mode)
  • :w myfilename …save vi editor buffer to new file (must not be in edit mode)
  • yy or Y …copy a line to buffer
  • p or P …paste a line from buffer
  • i …insert single character at cursor (Esc to exit edit mode)
  • r …replace single character at cursor (Esc to exit edit mode)
  • x …delete single character¬†at cursor (Esc to exit edit mode)
  • :sh …to switch to shell mode (use Ctrl + d to return to vi)
  • :set number/nonumber …will turn line-numbers on or off

searching text (not in edit mode):

  • /nas …will search forward for any string ‘nas’
  • ?nas …will search backward for any string ‘nas’
  • n …will go to the next found string
  • :nohlsearch …will turn-off highlight search results

copy-paste from windows to vi:

  1. ctrl + v (copy text from source in windows)
  2. :sh …to switch to shell mode
  3. cat > output + r-click (to paste what copied from windows)
  4. r: ! + r-click (from within vi)

for more commands see source at

how to copy text from/to PuTTY

To copy selected text within a command-line window from/to PuTTY…

from PuTTY to windows:

to copy the text from PuTTY, select it and right-click
to paste into windows, use the normal Ctrl + V

from windows to PuTTY:

to copy text from windows, select and Ctrl + V
to paste into PuTTY, just right-click

how to connect to a RedHat server via PuTTy

  1. download PuTTY and run it (all windowz)
  2. select Category > Session -on the left pane of PuTTY
  3. on the right-pane enter the server info:
    Host name (or IP addres): the.server.ip (i.e.
    Port: the.port.number (i.e. 22)
    Connection type: SSH
    Saved session: (i.e. RH_7.o) and click ‘Save’
  4. click ‘Open’

This should bring up a command-line asking for login. Enter usesname and password, and you should be good-to-go.