How to remove the number next to JDeveloper caused by SVN

The reason you get some numbers next to file names of JDeveloper (or IPs on project names) is because subversioning is enable in your JDeveloper’s options.

To disable and continue to use your external subversioning system do as follows:

From within JDeveloper:
[text]Versioning > Configure…
Deselect “Versioning Support for Subversion…”[text]

Restart your JDeveloper and the revision numbering should go away.

How to automate a commit/update with Tortoise SVN using a batch file

Your SVN project should already be checked out. Enter the following in a batch file (.bat):

[bash]@echo off
echo. [ SVN Committer ]
:: The two lines below should be changed to suit your system.
set SOURCE=C:\projects\my_svn_project\
set SVN=C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin
echo. Committing %SOURCE% to SVN…
“%SVN%\TortoiseProc.exe” /command:commit /path:”%SOURCE%” /closeonend:0
echo. done.
echo. Operation complete.[/bash]

[bash]@echo off
echo. [ SVN Updater ]
:: The SOURCEj below should be already set to fit your system.
echo. Updating %SOURCE%\ from SVN…
“%SVN%\TortoiseProc.exe” /command:update /path:”%SOURCE%\” /closeonend:2
echo.        done.

/closeonend:0 = bring up the dialog so you can select what files to commit
/closeonend:2 = omit the dialog and proceed with the operation