How to install VB 6.0 with SP6 on Windows 7

1. Install Visual Basic 6.0 (as Administrator)

Select custom install as follows:

Microsoft VB 6.0
Active X
Data Access

2. Skip MSDN and all other install options (Source Safe, VC++, etc).

3. Uncheck registration and complete the setup.

4. Run VB (should run fine).

Note: VB should run fine, but in some cases may need the vb6.exe set with compatibility settings on:

path: c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98\vb6.exe

R-click > Properties > Compatibility and check the following:

Run in Windows XP mode
Disable Visual Thems
Disable Desktop Composition
Disable display scalling on high DPI settings

5. Install VB 6.0 SP6 if needed (there should be no issues and previous SPs are not needed).

Note: MDAC 2.5 are NOT needed for Windows Vista and later.

credits: Ask the FortyPoundHead